The varmam are points of intersection of bone, muscle, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels.

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"follow the SUN & take care of your body".
Its only place you have to live"

Dr.G.PACKIA (SIDDHA DOCTOR )a well known SIDDHA scholar and researcher from southern India has been in pursuit of pure Siddha for the last 40 years. She cured thousand of fertility and numerous other ailments .She written many books on Siddha Medicine for the comman people.She educated and give awareness by radio talk,

For her invaluable contributions towards teaching, treatment and propagating Authentic Sidddha Medicine. She has also received many prestigious  Award & reconization from all over the world

Unique Indian medical centre

I truly recommend this centre. Not only is he professional and experience physician but also for their time tested medicine!

Postnatal Care Immediately After Giving Birth

Gift for lovely wife from caring Husband

Mums Prasava Range

Baby Coming Soon? Book Your Spot for Postpartum Care at agasthia Confinement Centre Now !Fulfilling Your Needs After Childbirth With Us. Get Slim & Pretty During Confinement.

Agasthiar Pediatric Wellness


Agasthiar PAIN Wellness

we will assist you 24/7

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established in 1969, ‘AGASTHIAR’ strives to get WELLNESS for their clients. we believe in a good and honest finding the root cause, we able to solve their pain and suffering .

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