Cat’s Whiskers are widely found throughout South East Asia region, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is called “Misai Kucing” in Malay as the flower resembles the shape of a cat’s whiskers. Cat’s Whiskers leaves are very effective in cleaning urine and helps cure kidney problems. The leaves have the function in increasing the excretion of creatinine in the urine. This plant has great medicinal values and everyone should grow this plant in their home.

In siddha medicine, cat’s whiskers leaves are added with other herbal ingredients to treat high fever. The mixture of herbs are boiled and consumed as tea. You can even eat the flowers raw. When boiling the dried cat whiskers leaves, add dried avaram senna flowers (avaram poo) and other dried flowers. Consume the boiled water as tea.
By prescribing this tea, it will not only help reduce kidney malfunction but also prevents kidney patients from dialysis treatment.

Puncture vines (Nirenjal) and cat’s whiskers leaves are effective in removing excess water from the body through urination. The leaves also helps avoid body swelling which is caused by excessive water held in the body. If the excess water is not removed, it will lead to various kinds of diseases. Therefore to avoid sickness and promote good health, consume cat whiskers leaves as tea.

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