6th MARCH 09: PUNCTURE VINE (Nerinjal)

Men are more prone to diseases than women. One of the many frequent diseases than men suffer is formation of urinary bladder stone.When men consume modern or traditional medicines, it will cause excess body heat. Once there is an increase heat in body fluid and the heat penetrates to the interior, the urine will be dark yellow.

If this condition is ignored, it can lead to formation of bladder stone/stones.
Symptoms of having bladder stone/stones are:
a) burning/irritation during urination
b) swelling of prostrate glands and
c) lower abdominal pain

Chronic stage of bladder stone will lead to:
a) Spermatorrhoea (involuntary release of semen during urination) and
b) Impotence.

Puncture vine plants are rarely found in Malaysia . However it can be easily obtained in Indian medicinal and grocery shops. The vines are sold in dried form and are very effective in reducing body heat.When you have abdominal pain or burning sensation during urination, boil dried puncture vines and consume the boiled water. Treat this ingredient as barley and drink the boiled water whenever your body is heaty or feeling pain when urinating.

In Siddha Medicine shops, puncture vines are added with other ingredients and prescribed as tea. However you can use puncture vine only and consume the boiled water as it produces the same effect.

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