Kariapalam is produced from the gum extracted for the aloe’s flesh. The gum, when dried will form a black hard rock and is an effective ingredient to heal wounds and swellings.

How to prepare Kariapalam Solution?
a) Pound a small piece of kariapalam.
b) Add a little water or lime juice or rinsed rice water and boil the mixture.
c) When the mixture is boiling, it will bubble up. Use a thin stick and stir the solution. Do not use a spoon as the solution will be sticky. Therefore it is cleaner to use a stick.
d) Once the solution becomes thick and sticky, remove from fire and keep aside to cool.
e) Once cool, apply on areas where there is wound or swelling and leave it to dry for a night. There is no need to bandage the wounded area.
f) The swelling and pain will reduce significantly within a day. Wash the applied area with fresh water.

Kariapalam can be easily obtained from Indian shops and is an effective medicine to cure swelling, pain and wounds if we have a sudden fall or injury.

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