Avaram Senna trees can be seen in many places along the roads. This tree has more than 20 different varieties and each species has got is own medicinal values.Avaram flower is best to be consumed by diabetic patients. Make sure you wash and clean the flowers before consuming it.
a) Grind avaram senna leaves and flowers and use it as a scrub or soap for bathing.
b) Grind dried avaram flower, cumin seeds and cardamom into powder form. Boil and drink it as tea.

By drinking avaram flower tea, it helps:-
i) Ease urination
ii) Ease bowel motion
iii) and control sugar level.

Our forefathers in India used to drink avaram flower tea, hibiscus tea and other dried flower teas to help clean their kidneys, control sugar level, blood pressure and also fat. Therefore instead of giving carbonated drinks, coffee and tea to your children, serve dried flower tea as this healthy beverage promotes good health.

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