Hypertension or High Blood Pressure has become a common disease today. In every family, there will be one member, either the parents or grandparents who will be suffering from hypertension. Hypertension can be caused from mental tension, work stress or lack of sleep. Hypertension also occurs when body temperature especially the head area becomes increasingly high. That is why Ancient Tamil Traditional always stresses the importance of oil bathing as it helps clear body heat and promotes good health.

Drowsiness and dizziness are common symptoms of hypertension and these symptoms occur when Pitta predominates in the body. To stabilize the condition, it is best to consume lime juice in an empty stomach. Gastric patients are advised to drink lime juice after their meal. Make sure you add a pinch of salt before drinking as the salt helps prevent gastric.Therefore the only remedy to cure drowsiness or dizziness is by drinking lime juice! Hypertension patients are also advised to eat orange regularly as orange has the properties to prevent drowsiness or dizziness.


If you feel your pressure is going up, drink star fruit juice in the morning in an empty stomach. The juice work wonders as it helps drop the pressure to almost normal level. It is advisable to eat star fruit at least 2-3 times a week to stay healthy. If you can’t find star fruit, substitute it with other types of sour fruit. This is because sour fruits have the properties to control high blood pressure. S

ince star fruit is sour, add sugar or honey and salt and serve it as a dipping sauce. Teach your children to eat this fruit as it has many medicinal values. You can also substitute tamarind with star fruit to add sourness to your dish. Add star fruit when preparing ��Ventaiyam Kuzhambhu��. It gives a good taste to the dish.

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