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th MARCH 09: MANGOSTEEN Mangosteen is a seasonal fruit and its fruit bearing coincides with durian. Both fruits are god’s gift to mankind as mangosteen is created to balance the heat from the durian. Mangosteen is a cooling food and it has many medicinal values. Therefore try to eat the fruit whenever the fruit is

6th MARCH 09: PUNCTURE VINE (Nerinjal) Men are more prone to diseases than women. One of the many frequent diseases than men suffer is formation of urinary bladder stone.When men consume modern or traditional medicines, it will cause excess body heat. Once there is an increase heat in body fluid and the heat penetrates to

5th MARCH 09: KARIAPALAM Kariapalam is produced from the gum extracted for the aloe’s flesh. The gum, when dried will form a black hard rock and is an effective ingredient to heal wounds and swellings. How to prepare Kariapalam Solution?a) Pound a small piece of kariapalam.b) Add a little water or lime juice or rinsed

4th MARCH 09: AVARAM SENNA FLOWER (Avaram Poo) Avaram Senna trees can be seen in many places along the roads. This tree has more than 20 different varieties and each species has got is own medicinal values.Avaram flower is best to be consumed by diabetic patients. Make sure you wash and clean the flowers before

SAYUR MANIS (Tausi Murunga Keerai)

SAYUR MANIS (Tausi Murunga Keerai) Sayur Manis got its Tamil name “tausi murunga keerai” as this vegetable was eaten by sages and seers of yester years who were practicing austerity in deep forests. This vegetable has the properties to ward off hunger and feeling full for a long time. However this vegetable is a gassy

2nd MARCH 09: HYPERTENSION AND STAR FRUIT Hypertension or High Blood Pressure has become a common disease today. In every family, there will be one member, either the parents or grandparents who will be suffering from hypertension. Hypertension can be caused from mental tension, work stress or lack of sleep. Hypertension also occurs when body

சித்த வைத்தியம் siddha medicine

28th FEB 09: SIDDHA MEDICINEWomen who have gone through child birth must take care of their body by taking the right food and different type of medicines to stay strong and healthy. Some women consume herbal medicines as leyham (Leigiyam) or have it added as a spice ingredient in their daily cooking. Delivered women who

Indian acalypha குப்பைமேனி

26th FEB 09: INDIAN ACALYPHA (Kuppameni)Indian Acalypha can be treated as a fresh herb or a vegetable. It grows every easily in rubbish or garbage areas and Indian Acalypha got its Tamil name, ��Kuppameni�� based on its growing place. Whenever a cat is sick, it will search for Indian Acalypha as it helps cure the

hibiscus flower செம்பரத்தை பூ

25th FEB 09: HIBISCUS FLOWERHibiscus flower is our national flower and hibiscus tress are easily found along the roads and residential areas. Instead of using it for flower decoration and during payers, you can also eat it as it has loads of nutrients. Hibiscus flower has more than 200 different varieties and has a wide

red indian spinach சிவப்பு பசலை கீரை

24th FEB 09: INDIAN SPINACH (Pasalai Keerai)There are two types of Indian Spinach, Red Indian Spinach and White Indian Spinach. Red indian spinach has more nutritional value compared to white Indian spinach. This vegetable is rich in vitamin A, C and D and good for cooling the eyes. Any vegetable which gives a cooling effect

young papaya இளம் பப்பாளி

23rd FEB 09: YOUNG PAPAYAYoung papaya has many medicinal values compared to ripe papayas. When you cut a young papaya, its milk will ooze out. Take a small drop of the milk and apply on your gums when it is swollen, sore or infected. The milk will help reduce the swelling and fluid or puss

nut gall masikai மாசிக்காய்

20th FEB 09: NUT GALL (Maasikai)Nut Galls are formed by insects. The galls are round in shape and hangs on tree branches as fruits. It is good to use nut galls when the insect is still in the fruit .This is because fruits with insect in it has more medicinal values. Babies usually have white

edible stemmed vine பிரண்டை

19th FEB 09: EDIBLE STEMMED VINE (Perandai)Edible Vine is very easy to grow and you can plant them in your house around the fence area. All it needs is daily watering. In Siddha medicine, edible vine is regarded as a fresh herb and effective in removing phlegm from the body. Edible Vine got its Tamil

roselaa flower

18th FEB 09: ROSELLA FLOWERIf you have low platelets, anemic or a weak body, you need to eat foods which are red in color. Foods which are dark red in color have high iron content and good in producing blood cells. Rosella can be obtained from markets and very suitable to be made as cordial

vallarai வல்லாரை

17th FEB 09: ASIATIC PENNYWORT (Valarai)Pennywort leaves has the tendency to improve memory power. Since the leave resembles the right and left hemisphere of the brains, it is regarded as god creation and gift to human kind to improve the functionality of their brains. HOW TO EAT PENNYWORT LEAVES? a) Blend the leaves and drink

pomegranate மாதுளம்

16th FEB 09: POMEGRANATE (Maathalam)This fruit is very easy to be obtained in the wet market and hyper supermarkets and an effective aid in improving digestion. The seeds are used to make balms for headaches and medicines to cure cancer. When eating any types of fruit, do not throw the seeds away. If possible, try

Siddha medicine

13th FEB 09: SIDDHA MEDICINE Siddha Medicine is founded by ancient Siddha’s. Paati Vaithiyam, Nattu Vaithiyam�, Muligai Vaithiyam is different from one another and cannot be associated with Siddha Medicine. Siddha Medicines are done using various herbs and vegetables found in the deep forest and these herbs have many medicinal values. Siddhis used to write

Galanga சிற்றரத்தை

12th FEB 09: GALANGAL (Chitharathai)Galangal can be obtained in raw or dried form. Raw galangal is used when preparing meat dishes. The use of galangal will help burn fat and increase digestion. Dried galangal is very effective in removing phlegm. Take ¼ tablespoon of powdered dried galangal, add honey and consume. This remedy helps push

rose ரோசாப்பூ

11th FEB 09: ROSE FLOWERRoses which are grown at home ground are best to consume and it has more medicinal values compared to roses which are specially cultivated in the farms. This is because specially cultivated flowers are grown with the help of chemicals. Soak rose petals in honey and add palm sugar, blend it

Drum stick முருங்கை கீரை

10th FEB 09: DRUMSTICK LEAVES (Murangakeerai)Drumstick trees are easily grown in hot climate countries. Its root, flower, bark, fruit and leaves have loads of nutritional value. HOW TO COOK DRUMSTICK LEAVES? a) Fry the vegetable with grated coconut. b) Or include the leaves when preparing ��Sambar�� or ��Tanni Saar��. If your child has developed lots

mango மாம்பழம்

9th FEB 09: MANGOAlfonso, Neelum, Mulgoa and Bangalora are some of the different varieties of mangoes that are available in the market today. There are more than 1000 different varieties of mangoes and each of it can be differentiated by its shape and taste. Bangalora mangoes or ��Kili Mukku�� mangoes are very fleshy and have

oil bath எண்ணெய் குளியல்

6th FEB 09: OIL BATHWe should and must take oil bath once a week and not have oil bath once a year, i.e. during Deepavali! Gingly oil is obtained from sesame seeds (Ella) and coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk. These two oils are the common oils which are used to apply on the

Indian goosberry நெல்லிக்காய்

5th FEB 09: INDIAN GOOSEBERRIES (Nellikai)There are two types of gooseberries. The first type of fruit is very sour and the size of the fruit is small. The fruit is light green and has few medicinal values. This type of fruit is normally included while preparing fish curry or ��puli�� curry. The second type of

Jasmine flower மல்லிகை பூ

4th FEB 09: JASMINE FLOWER (Malligai)Jasmine flowers are commonly used in weddings, prayers and happy occasions. Many Indian women wear garlands of jasmine flowers in their hair and it has the power to attract men’s attention by its strong fragrance. Jasmine flowers are used a) in aromatherapy. The flowers are soaked in the water before

indian spinach பசலை கீரை

3rd FEB 09: INDIAN SPINACH (Pasalai Keerai)There are two types of Indian Spinach, Red Indian Spinach and White Indian Spinach. Red indian spinach has more nutritional value compared to white indian spinach. This vegetable is rich in vitamin A, C and D and good for cooling the eyes. Any vegetable which gives a cooling effect

Banan வாழைப்பழம்

2nd FEB 09: BANANABanana root, its core trunk, flower and fruit can be treated as medicine.Bananas have loads of nutritional value and it is rich in potassium, vitamin A and D. Banana also helps to restore normal bowel actions and cures constipation. You can feed bananas to toddlers who are 8 months and above.Cut the

lose weight with ginger உடல் இளைக்க

30th JAN 09: LOSE WEIGHT WITH GINGER!Individuals, who are above 35 years of age and exceed thier BMI weight, can use this formula to lose weight. (A) a) Remove the skin of a ginger (~2 inches long)b) Pound the ginger without water and extract the juice c) Repeat the extraction 2 more times without water.


27th JAN 09: GINGERFresh ginger is commonly used in cooking and in making tea and coffee beverages. Make sure when you use ginger; remove the skin as the skin should not be used in any types of cooking. It is good to combine garlic and ginger together when cooking as it will help burn body


27th JAN 09: GINGERFresh ginger is commonly used in cooking and in making tea and coffee beverages. Make sure when you use ginger; remove the skin as the skin should not be used in any types of cooking. It is good to combine garlic and ginger together when cooking as it will help burn body

Digetion (அ)ஜீரணம்

26th JAN 09: INDIGESTIONIf we were to fall sick or have any types of minor or major diseases, there will be no happiness in life as we will constantly be suffering from pain and vain. Sickness and diseases are mainly caused by improper diet. In short, we have to conclude that our health is determined

cocunut shell தேங்காய் ஓடு

23rd JAN 09: COCONUT SHELLAfter using the coconut flesh and water, we tend to throw away the shell and the husks. Coconut shell can be used to: a) Caste off evil eyes. b) Coconut shell can be burned and added into incense powder (sambrani) to create smoke. c) Coconut shell can also be consumed as

coconut husk

22nd JAN 09: COCONUTCOCONUT HUSK Ancient Tamil tradition has been using coconut husks with red soil (Semman) to remove dirt from the body while bathing. Instead of using ready made kitchen scrubs and wires, you can also make use of coconut husks as a scrub to wash pots, pans and cooking utensils. COCONUT FLESH Grate

cocunut flower தென்னப்பூ

21st JAN 09: COCONUT FLOWERCut the flower into small pieces, pound, add water and extract the juice from the flower. This juice is rich in ��Thuvarpu sakti�� and Vitamin K.This juice is very good to be consumed by middle age ladies (40 to 50 years old) who experience heavy blood flow during their menstrual period.

coconut தேங்காய்

20th JAN 09: COCONUT OILVirgin Coconut oil has many medicinal values. If you have stomach ulcer, you can heal the ulcer by consuming one spoon of virgin coconut oil everyday. If you have wounds on any part of your body, a) Combine wheat flour and virgin coconut oil into a paste and b) Apply the

cocunut water

19th JAN 09: COCONUT WATERYoung Coconut Water has many benefits: When you have high fever, you are unable to drink plain water. Carbonated drinks are not advisable to drink as it will increase body heat. It is best to drink young coconut water as it helps bring down your body temperature.Young coconut water is best

bath turmeric kuliyal manjal

16th JAN 09: DRIED TURMERIC (Kuli Manjal)This type of turmeric is very suitable to be used as a scrub or soap for bathing. Powder the turmeric and apply it on your body and face before bathing. Constant application of turmeric will help remove black spots, skin rashes and skin roughness. It also helps bring glow


15th JAN 09: TURMERICFresh Turmeric Root (Pachai Manjal) Remove the skin, pound and extract the juice. Consuming turmeric juice helps reduce body heat. Turmeric is best known as an antiseptic both internally and externally. If you are suffering from stomach ulcer, drink 2 tablespoon of fresh turmeric juice continuously for 4 days. Turmeric will help

chickpeas kondai kadalai கொண்டை கடலை

14th JAN 09: CHICKPEAS (Kondai Kadalai)Yellow Gram Dhal (Kadalai Parappu) is processed from Chickpeas. Chickpeas give strength and it has loads of nutritional value. Besides Horse Gram, Chickpeas are also used as a main food for horses. Horses get its strength from eating Chickpeas. Soak 5 to 6 chickpeas overnight and eat it with the

horse gram கொள்ளு

13th JAN 09: HORSE GRAM (Kollu)A popular ingredient among Indians to lose weight! Ancient Tamil Tradition has been using Horse Gram as the main ingredient to prepare ��Rasam��. You do not have to eat Horse Gram when you are planning to lose weight. You can add Horse Gram in your everyday diet by preparing ��Rasam��

lentils பருப்பு வகை

12th JAN 09: LENTILS (Paruppu)Australian Dhal, if consumed, produces lots of gas. Those who has a Pitta body or has gas problems should avoid eating Australian dhal.Other lentils, i.e. Thuvar Dhal, Malawi Dhal, Mysore Dhal and Moong Dhal have loads of nutrients and its own medicinal values. a) Thuvar Dhal (Thuvarum Paruppu)When boiling Thuvar Dhal,

ragi finger millet கேழ்வரகு

9th JAN 09: RAGI or FINGER MILLET (Kelvaragu)Ragi flour can be used in making Appam or Puttu. It is best recommended for diabetic patients as it has low sugar content and prevents sugar increase in the body. Exercise is also very important for diabetic patients. Deep breathing is vital and they also need to activate

types of rice அரிசி பல விதம்

8th JAN 09: TYPES OF RICEPar boiled rice is very healthy and should be used as a substitute to white rice. This is because to produce white rice, it has to go through many processing stage. When boiling par boiled rice, excessive water should be thrown away and should not be cooked until the water

Palm sugar பனை வெல்லம்

7th JAN 09: SUGARPalm sugar is made from the extract of palm fruits. White sugar is made from sugar cane extract which has been refined and gone through many processing stage. Foods which have lesser processing stage are healthier than foods which have gone through many processing stage. Therefore white sugar is not healthy and

wheat grain கோதுமை

6th JAN 09: WHEAT GRAIN (Kothumai)Whole wheat flour and wheat flour. Dry fry the wheat grain and break it into smaller grains. Further processing will lead to Whole Wheat flour and Wheat flour. Whole grains which are broken into fine pieces i.e. Rava can be used to prepare ��Uppuma��. The whole grain can also be

rice parboiled rice paddy அரிசி உணவு

5th JAN 09: RICE Parboiled Rice Paddy (raw rice) which is boiled and grinded is called par boiled rice. Par boiled rice has more nutrients as the skin is not completely removed. Parboiled rice has more fiber and less carbohydrate.White Rice Paddy which has been completely processed and its entire skin removed is called white


2nd JAN 09: BENEFITS OF MOONG DHAL(Pasi Payuru)How to prepare a healthy food using Moong Dhal?* Moong Dhal Flour* Palm Sugar or Brown Sugar Mix the flour and brown sugar together, pound the mixture into a paste and shape it into round balls, and serve. Benefits of Moong Dhal: a) Reduces body heat b) The


2nd JAN 09: BENEFITS OF BLACK URAD DHAL(Ulunthu)How to prepare a healthy food using Black Urad Dhal? * Handful of Black Urad Dhal (Do not remove the skin) * Brown sugar or palm sugar according to taste * Handful of fresh grated coconut Add enough water to cover a handful of black dhal. Add salt


FOOD IS ‘THE’ MEDICINEWith today��s unhealthy lifestyle, many young people, i.e. children, teenagers and youth are falling prey to various kinds of sickness and diseases. This has lead to a shorter life span. If you want to live longer and be healthy, you can opt or follow the Siddha way of living. Siddha way of

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