Month: June 2009


30th APRIL 09:HEADACHESIn western medicine, x-rays are taken to find the root cause of migraine and headaches. However even after various kinds of scans, there are some patients who are not able to permanently cure their head related problems. There are patients who tie or wrap small towel around their head very tightly to stop

joyweed ponnanganni,பொன்னாங்கன்னி

29th APRIL 09:JOYWEED (Ponnanganni)Joyweed leaves are rich in iron and if eaten frequently, the leaves will helpa) produce new blood cellsb) act as blood purifying agentc) improve eye sightd) and cools the eyes. Joyweed is a cooling food and siddha of yester years used these leaves to treat eye related problems. If your eye sight

tension,டென்ஷன்,மன கலக்கம்

28th APRIL 09:TENSIONHigh blood pressure is normally experienced by people who work long hours and undergo lots of tension and stress causing lack of sleep and improper food intake. To avoid high blood pressure, you need to solve and avoid situations which can cause tension and stress. To avoid tension, you need to make a

கிவீ பழம்,kiwi fruit.

27th APRIL 09:KIWIFRUITThe nutritional values in kiwifruit provides strength and helps restore weak immune system The fruit should be given to ailing elderly patients and also patients who have been sick for a long time. Kiwi is also good for heart patients who has undergone an operation or just recovered from a mild or severe

aruvatha pachai,அறுவதா பச்சை

24th APRIL 09:COMMON RUE (Aravatham Pacchai)The leaves have strong fragrance and in Tamil tradition, the leaves are used to tie around infant’s wrist. The strong fragrance, when inhaled by the infant, will increase and helps build good digestion system. Boil two leaves with water and consume the herbal drink. The herbal drink will cure constipation

வாழைப்பூ,banana flower

23rd APRIL 09: BANANA FLOWER (Jantung Pisang)Banana Flower has many medicinal values and rich in astringent properties. Foods which are rich in astringent properties are good in producing blood and works as a blood thickening agent. The astringent taste can be reduced significantly by adding the flower in “sambar”.The over powering taste can also be

pulicha keerai,புளிச்ச கீரை

22nd APRIL 09: RED SORREL (Pulicha keerai)Red Sorrel leaves are very sour. We should eat this vegetable as sourness is one of the six types of nutrients we need to consume to maintain a healthy body. Some people cook the vegetable by boiling the leaves and throwing the excess water away. This is a wrong


21st APRIL 09: WEAK WOMBWomen who are 40 years and above are very common to have womb related diseases. This is due to improper care after child birth, miscarriage or abortion which cause the womb to become weak. Women of yester years had more than 10 children and they were able to live a healthy

ஜம்பு ,jambu air

20th APRIL 09: WATER APPLE (Jambu Air)Water Apple not only tastes good but also has high water content and a great source of vitamin C. 70 % of our body consists of water and due to its high percentage of water content, water apple has the capability of quenching your thirst if you are not

curry leaves,கறி வேப்பிலை

17th April 09:CURRY LEAVESCurry leaves is a vegetable and is used in our daily cooking for taste and fragrance. In indian cooking, curry leaves are used for tempering and while eating, the whole leaves are taken out and thrown away. We should not throw away the leaves as it has many medicinal values. You should


16th APRIL 09:HEALTHIn today busy life, we fail to practise our forefather’s tradition of proper eating and way of living. If we were to practise their teachings, we will be free from major sickness and diseases and will lead a happy, healthy and long life. Siddha of yester years and our forefathers have taught us

அன்னாசி பழம்,pineapple

15th April 09: PINEAPPLEWhen removing the skins of a pineapple, also remove the brown spots and the stem as it will irritate the tongue if the brown spots and stem are eaten together with the fruit.Those who have menstrual problems, it is advised to eat one whole pineapple. Pineapple fruit is a heaty fruit and

வேப்பிலை பூ,neem puu

13th APRIL 09: NEEM FLOWERS Neem flowers have the properties to kill germs and bacteria in the body. Boil the flowers and give a tablespoon of the boiled water to your children once a month. Your child will have an easy and healthy bowel motion and helps fight intestinal worms. Intestinal or stomach worms can

amaranth leaves,முலை கீரை

10th APRIL 09:AMARANTH LEAVES(Mulai Keerai) Mulai keerai’s root, stem, leaves, fruit and flowers has its own nutritional value.If the vegetable’s stem is big, throw away the root and utilize the stems to prepare soups. If the stem is thin and small, utilize the roots, stems and leaves when preparing a dish for your family. How

crepe jasmine,நந்தியாவட்டை

9th APRIL 09:CREPE JASMIN (Nandiavatta Poo) Our forefathers used to have this plant grown in temples as the fresh flowers are used as an offering to the Lords. The flowers are also used to treat eye problems or eye heatiness. The juice of the flower is used to treat 99 types of eye problems. When


th APRIL 09:GRAPES In Malaysia grapes are grown in Cameron Highlands. There are around 8,000 types of grapes available in this world. Even though there are many varieties of grapes, the most common types of grapes we encounter are black, purple and green grapes. Black grapes have more medicinal values compared to purple and green


7th APRIL 09:HEALTH Health is very important to lead a happy life. However we tend to spoil our health by leading a wrong lifestyle which causes or leads to various types of sickness or diseases. Headaches, stomach pain, gas problems, hand, leg and joint pains are some of the sickness you will suffer if your


6th APRIL 09:ONIONS Onions are used in various dishes for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. There are many different varieties of onions, i.e. small onions, big red onions, white onions and yellow onions. All varieties of onions have the same nutritional and medicinal values. In India, poor families usually pour water


3rd APRIL 09:ROSE FLOWER Roses which are grown at home ground are best to consume and it has more medicinal values compared to roses which are specially cultivated in the farms. This is because specially cultivated flowers are grown with the help of chemicals. Soak rose petals in honey and add palm sugar, blend it


2nd APRIL 09:DAUN SETAWAR(Ranakali) Chikungunya is a very dangerous disease which is caused by mosquito. In India, enzyme from the leaves is taken to cure the life threatening disease. The thicker the leaves, the more toxic water it removes from the body.When there are excess toxins in the body, boils or growth will form on

அகத்தி கீரை,agathi keerai

1st APRIL 09:AGATHI LEAVES In Malaysia, there are only a few trees and plants that can be used as food, i.e. drumstick leaves are taken from drumstick tree. Agathi leaves are taken from agathi tree. Agathi leaves are rich in Vitamin E, have the properties to kill germs, bacteria, and clears poison. If someone has


31st MARCH 09:DAUN SETAWAR(Ranakali) Siddha of yester years have given a name to each and every herbal plant available according to its medicinal capability. Rana Kali comes under the cactus family. This plant does not produce milk and grows very well in dry and hot environment. It needs very little water to grow. Every family

women and menstrul cycle,

30th MARCH 09:WOMEN AND MENSTRUAL CYCLE Every teenage girls and woman should have their menstrual cycle once in every 28 to 30 days. If you do not get your period on time, the lower layer of your throat will swell up. The swelling of the throat indicates that there is a problem in your womb


27th MARCH: NONI (Mengkudu) Siddha of yesteryears have prescribed many types of herbs for newly delivered women to consume to prevent them from having side effects, sickness or diseases which can be caused by improper care after delivery.NEWLY DELIVERED WOMEN who suffers from stomach pain or whose dirt are not completely removed during delivery can


26th MARCH: NONI (Mengkudu) This plant is originated from Queensland, Australia and grows very well in our country’s soil. This plant is currently being cultivated largely in rural areas.Noni leaves and its fruit were used by Hawaiian natives over 2,000 years ago. Noni fruit is known as “Hawaiian Magical Fruit” and the herbal plant has


25th MARCH 09: MINT (Pudina) Extract from mint leaves are used as a fragrance and gives an appealing taste in sweets and cigarettes. Mint are best to consume raw. Take 10 mint leaves and garnish on salads. By serving mint this way, you will be able to get your family members to eat raw mint

rose flower,ரோசா,ரோஜா

24th MARCH 09: ROSE FLOWER Roses which are grown at home ground are best to consume and it has more medicinal values compared to roses which are specially cultivated in the farms. This is because specially cultivated flowers are grown with the help of chemicals. Soak rose petals in honey and add palm sugar, blend


23rd MARCH 09: TOMATOES Both unripe green tomatoes and ripe red plum tomatoes can be consumed either by cooking it or eating it raw. Lycopene is a nutrient, responsible in transforming tomatoes to turn red and is regarded as a potential agent for cancer prevention. Siddha’s of yester years have advised us to eat tomatoes

oil bath,எண்ணெய் குளியல்.

20th MARCH 09: OIL BATH We should and must take oil bath once a week and not have oil bath once a year, i.e. during Deepavali! Gingly oil is obtained from sesame seeds (Ella) and coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk. These two oils are the common oils which are used to apply on

spinach,pasalai keerai

19th MARCH 09: INDIAN SPINACH (Pasalai Keerai) There are two types of Indian Spinach, Red Indian Spinach and White Indian Spinach. Red indian spinach has more nutritional value compared to white Indian spinach. This vegetable is rich in vitamin A, C and D and good for cooling the eyes. Any vegetable which gives a cooling

நெல்லிக்காய் indian goosberry

18th MARCH 09: INDIAN GOOSEBERRIES (Nellikai) There are two types of gooseberries. The first type of fruit is very sour and the size of the fruit is small. The fruit is light green and has few medicinal values. This type of fruit is normally included while preparing fish curry or ��puli�� curry. The second type

celery செலரி கீரை

17th MARCH 09: CELERY Celeries are rich in nutrients and it has soluble salt properties which includes sodium, needed by our body. You can either stir fry or eat it raw as a salad. Blend 2 celery sticks and consume the juice. This will help reduce high blood pressure. If you feel your pressure is

banana வாழப்பழம்

16th MARCH 09: BANANA Banana root, its core trunk, flower and fruit can be treated as medicine.Bananas have loads of nutritional value and it is rich in potassium, vitamin A and D. Banana also helps to restore normal bowel actions and cures constipation. You can feed bananas to toddlers who are 8 months and above.Cut

13th MARCH 09: CAT’S WHISKERS PLANT (MISAI KUCHING) Cat’s Whiskers are widely found throughout South East Asia region, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is called “Misai Kucing” in Malay as the flower resembles the shape of a cat’s whiskers. Cat’s Whiskers leaves are very effective in cleaning urine and helps cure kidney problems. The

lotus flower தாமரை பூ

12th MARCH 09: LOTUS FLOWER (Tamarai Poo) Lotus flower is good in treating patients and elderly persons who have a weak heart. Boil the petals and consume one glass of the boiled juice everyday. The lotus flower has its root deep in the soil and grows under water. This root is edible and should be

chebulic myroblen கடுக்காய்

11th MARCH 09: CHEBULIC MYROBLAN (Kadukkai) Slightly knock the dried fruit with a pestle and remove the seeds. Use the outer skin only. Like the skin of dried ginger, the seeds of chebulic myroblan are considered toxic.Chebulic Myroblan skin helps to heal stomach wounds and open wounds.a) Boil the skin with waterb) Strain the herbal

ivy gourd leaves கோவை கீரை

10th MARCH 09: IVY GOURD LEAVES (Kovai Keerai) Ivy gourd leaves cannot be obtained from the market and are very effective in treating excessive heat in the anus are. If your have the plant growing around your house area, try to add the leaves in your diet. Cook it like you are cooking Indian spinach

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