To cultivate a turmeric plant, break either a dried turmeric or raw turmeric into half and plant in a pot filled with soil.
Pound and extract the juice of a small piece of raw turmeric.Pound and extract the juice of one clove of garlic.Pound and extract the juice of one small onion or one shallot.Mix all the three juices and prescribe half or one tablespoon of the juice to your child who is suffering from cold and chest phlegm. Excess phlegm in the chest area will be dissolved and removed from the body.
Prescribe one tablespoon of raw turmeric juice to your child. The turmeric juice has the properties to kill and remove stomach worms. Mix a small amount of freshly powdered dried turmeric with honey. The mixture is good in reducing the severity of jaundice.
Lastly, as mentioned in previous article (27th July 09), turmeric is good for liver as it kills and removes bacteria. It also provides nutrition for the liver to function effectively.

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