Rheumatoid Arthritis attacks when vata or gas gets trapped in between the joint areas. When this happens, it will effect the nerves and bones and causes extreme pain and swelling.
Those who suffer from arthritis are
a) strictly forbidden to bathe in cold water. If you are suffering from extreme pain, add salt in hot water and pour the hot salt water over your body and affected joint areas.
b) Avoid constipation When you suffer from constipation or have irregular bowel motion, dirty gas will spread and gets trapped in the joint areas.
c) Make sure you do not have difficulty in urinating. Irregular urination will lead to accumulation of salt in the body which causes harm to the body system.
d) Excess phlegm can also lead to diseases. Therefore make sure your tridosha, i.e vata, kappa and pitta are in balance. To maintain a balance, practice oil bath and consume the necessary medicine to root out the cause of your sickness or disease.

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