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26th JUNE 09: HOLY BASIL (Tulasi)
Holy basil is regarded as a holy plant and plants which come under the holy plant category are said to have properties to cure any types of sickness or disease.
Take 10 holy basil leaves and soak in a glass of water. You can eithera) soak the leaves in the morning and consume the water in the evening ORb) soak the leaves at night and consume the water in the morning.Dried holy basil leaves are good to be burnt together with incense powder. Combine dried henna seeds and dried holy basil leaves with the incense powder. According to Indian tradition, smoke from the incense powder mix will ward off bad spirits and negative vibrations and bring prosperity to the house.
Dried holy basil leaves can also be consumed as tea. Boil the leaves and add rock sugar for extra taste. Individuals from all ages can consume this hot beverage.Holy basil tea is very effective and provides temporary relief to patients who are suffering from high fever and cold.
Holy basil leaves also has the properties to remove toxins through urination. The leaves also serve as an antiseptic. Blend the leaves into a paste and apply the paste on external wounds. The paste will dry and heal the wound.

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