bath turmeric kuliyal manjal

16th JAN 09: DRIED TURMERIC (Kuli Manjal)This type of turmeric is very suitable to be used as a scrub or soap for bathing. Powder the turmeric and apply it on your body and face before bathing. Constant application of turmeric will help remove black spots, skin rashes and skin roughness. It also helps bring glow to the skin.Turmeric powder can also be added with Moong Dhal powder and wheat flour or rice flour. Mix all the dry ingredients with water and treat it as a scrub or soap when bathing. Kuli Manjal is well known for its antiseptic qualities and helps kill bacteria infections. If you have any wounds on the skin surface, you can cure the wound by applying turmeric and neem leave paste on it. Ancient Indian Tradition believes in the usage of neem leaves when treating chicken pox patients. You can lie on a bed of neem leaves and hang a few bunches of neem leaves in front of your house. This leave functions as an antiseptic. Turmeric is also very effective in treating chicken pox. Mix the turmeric powder with water into a watery paste. Soak the white cotton dhoti with the turmeric mixture and leave the dhoti to dry. Chicken pox patients are advised to lie or sit on this type of cloth. It is also good to sprinkle turmeric water around the patient to help avoid the bacteria from spreading. After the patient is recovered, the patient must continue using turmeric. Grind neem leaves and turmeric together into a paste. Apply on the body and leave it to dry for a few minutes before bathing. This will help the pox to dry out completely.Only turmeric and neem leaves can help dry and cure pox completely.

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