Benefits of grapes

13th MAY 09: GRAPES
In Malaysia grapes are grown in Cameron Highlands. There are around 8,000 types of grapes available in this world. Even though there are many varieties of grapes, the most common types of grapes we encounter are black, purple and green grapes.
Black grapes have more medicinal values compared to purple and green grapes. In western countries black grapes are used to prepare wine.If you, siblings or your life partner is weak, tired or stressed up, instead of consuming alcohol drinks, it is best to consume black grape juice.Take 1 handful of black grapes.
Blend the fruit with water (optional)
Make sure you blend the seeds also.
Strain and leave for 4- 6 hours.Serve to your husband or siblings. This juice is good as
a) it aids and increase digestion. Make sure you take one glass of black grape juice after your meal
b) ease bowel motion
c) gives strength to small intestines
d) provides strength to childrenGrape seeds have many medicinal values. The seeds are used to produce oil and have the healing nutrients to prevent cancer. When serving grapes to your kids, make sure you remove the skin as their body system will not be able to digest the skins properly. As for adults, they should consume the skin, flesh and seeds. This is the right way of eating grapes and the way to gain the fruits full nutritional values.Black grape juice will not cause dizziness. Instead it will calm the mind, promotes good sleep and gives vigorousness to men when they wake up in the morning.Hence try to consume black grapes at least once in every fortnight

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