Bitter gourd,பாகற்காய்

Symptoms of diabetes are:
a) Feeling weak
b) Feeling tired
c) Poor virility
d) Low sexual desire

If you are suffering form diabetes and your sugar level has increased, extract the juice from two small bitter gourds and consume the juice. Do not drink the juice everyday and only consume when necessary. Also make sure you consult a physician immediately to check your health conditions.

Cut bitter gourd in round pieces and remove the seeds. Add corn flour and salt and deep fry them if you want to serve to your children. To serve for adults, cut the bitter gourd into small pieces and cook it with tomatoes, tamarind juice and curry powder.

Try to add this vegetable in your diet as least once a week as the bitterness from the bitter gourd prevents stomach and intestines worms and reduces sugar level for diabetic patients. Therefore try to eat food which has 6 types of tastes i.e. bitter, sweet, sour, spicy, salty and astringent as the nutrients from these foods are needed to maintain a good health.

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