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Bones are very important. Lots of people, when they enter old age tend to suffer from broken bones. This could be due to lack of certain nutrients. Healthy bones require calcium and phosphorous.

Calcium is found in milk, sardines, soya milk and yogurt while Phosphorous is found in milk and other types of food. Both minerals are vital as it helps to make the bones strong and solid. If you are not in favour of drinking milk, blend milk with fruits.

We tend to drink lots of coffee and tea. High caffeine intake will cause damage to the bones. High level of caffeine intake will cause bone calcium to be released from the body through urination. This release of calcium from the body will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

High intake of salt through frequent consumption of salty food, i.e. salted fish will also cause damage the bones. The effect of high salt intake will also cause bone calcium to be released from the body.

Smoking frequently will also affect the bones. Vitamin D is also very important to build strong bones. Make sure you receive morning sunlight for a few minutes to obtain vitamin D

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