It is important for a newly delivered mother to breast feed her baby as it provided lots of benefits to both mother and child.

Benefits to the mother:
a) By breast feeding, the mother’s excess fat will be burnt. Excess fat gained during pregnancy will be easily burnt when breast feeding. This is because the body required at least 5000 calories a day to produce milk. Burning 5,000 calories is equivalent to 2 kilometres of jogging.

b) Reduces the risk of cancer and bone related diseases, i.e. osteoporosis

c) Regains the size of uterus.
The size of uterus will be enlarged during pregnancy. By breastfeeding, the uterus
regains its normal size.

Benefits to the baby:
a) Development of baby
Breastfeeding for 6 months will help the development process of the baby.
It will also help reduce the risk of lungs related diseases, diabetes and
weight related diseases.

b) Reduce the risk of hospitalisation
There are many nutrients in mother’s milk. Serious attention should be taken on the
types of food eaten when breastfeeding as it directly affects the quality of the milk.

Proper care and attention on the types of food consumed during pregnancy should also be given during breastfeeding. By eating carbohydrate food, it will help provide energy while protein food and various types of vitamin helps increase the quality of mother’s milk which directly helps the growth and development process of the new born baby

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