Bring the Malaysian infants as healthy citizens

Healthy Malaysian Children

Precaution to be taken

A life without children can never full fill our married life. Those parents who have no childre
do all the prayers ,their nerthi kadan and also visit doctors many years. But after getting the gift of God they forget to grow them as healthy children.
Healthy means what?
It is the way to grow their children without taking any Alopathic medicine.They must improve their immunity to fight sickness. For that from infant they must be fed with mother’s milk.Secondly when they have cough or cold give natural herbs as anti cure.
If they are bruoght up in our traditional ways they won’t get sick.Well,! now let us see some process. Oil bath and oil massage is a nessity of a child. You know why? when they are learning their first steps they tend to fall and get hurt.The massage with out our knowing of their pain parts will be soothed.
Their body heat will be balanced and they will feel fresh. If in case of fever you must apply herbal paste on the forehead.

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