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Bitter gourd,பாகற்காய்

Symptoms of diabetes are:a) Feeling weakb) Feeling tiredc) Poor virilityd) Low sexual desire If you are suffering form diabetes and your sugar level has increased, extract the juice from two small bitter gourds and consume the juice. Do not drink the juice everyday and only consume when necessary. Also make sure you consult a physician

ivy gourd leaves கோவை கீரை

10th MARCH 09: IVY GOURD LEAVES (Kovai Keerai) Ivy gourd leaves cannot be obtained from the market and are very effective in treating excessive heat in the anus are. If your have the plant growing around your house area, try to add the leaves in your diet. Cook it like you are cooking Indian spinach

rice parboiled rice paddy அரிசி உணவு

5th JAN 09: RICE Parboiled Rice Paddy (raw rice) which is boiled and grinded is called par boiled rice. Par boiled rice has more nutrients as the skin is not completely removed. Parboiled rice has more fiber and less carbohydrate.White Rice Paddy which has been completely processed and its entire skin removed is called white

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