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20th JAN 09: COCONUT OILVirgin Coconut oil has many medicinal values. If you have stomach ulcer, you can heal the ulcer by consuming one spoon of virgin coconut oil everyday. If you have wounds on any part of your body, a) Combine wheat flour and virgin coconut oil into a paste and b) Apply the paste on the wound, it will heal and dry the wound. HOW TO MAKE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL? a) Grated coconut from two whole coconuts. b) Add a little water and extract the milk. Continue the extraction process three times. c) Set aside the milk until the milk separates into two portions. Remove the water and use the milk only. d) Boil the coconut milk for about 3 to 4 hours. Once the oil starts to break and accumulate; keep stirring the milk to avoid the milk from sticking to the pot. e) After 4 hours, the oil will be separated from the milk solution. When this happens, pour the oil through a sieve to obtain a clear virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil can be used for cooking and it helps and increase hair growth. Those who have sinus problems are advised not to use coconut oil as the oil is very heaty and it will aggravate the sinus more. Sinus patients are advised to use Gingly Oil (Nalla Ennai) By consuming virgin coconut oil on its own, it helps: a) smooth body function b) relieve constipation andc) strengthen body veins. Therefore it is good to drink virgin coconut oil 1 tablespoon a day.

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