cocunut flower தென்னப்பூ

21st JAN 09: COCONUT FLOWERCut the flower into small pieces, pound, add water and extract the juice from the flower. This juice is rich in ��Thuvarpu sakti�� and Vitamin K.This juice is very good to be consumed by middle age ladies (40 to 50 years old) who experience heavy blood flow during their menstrual period. Whenever you have this problem, threat this juice as a medicine and consume one ounce of it, three times a day. Fresh unfermented Toddy (Kallu) is obtained from the flower stem. It is good to drink fresh Kallu as it helps to bring down body heat.When the flower transforms into nut size coconuts, pound it and bring it to a boil.Consume the boiled water. Those who are anaemic can treat this as a medicine as it is rich in iron. Avoid giving processed packet foods as snacks. Cut the flesh of a coconut into small pieces and serve to your children as a snack. Do not over eat as it can cause worms in the stomach. However do not to worry as it is easy to remove stomach worms as there are many types of herbal medicines available. Stomach worms can also be removed by drinking butter milk (Mooru).

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