Cybersecurity Specialist Career Path Job Description & Salary

They take responsibility for every angle of cybersecurity, prevention, backup plans, investigations and training. Additionally, these information security professionals may conduct audits or assessments of current network security measures. This process can provide a documentation trail of what went wrong and what needs to change. Some engineers may assist with presenting these reports to key stakeholders in order to secure funding or buy-in for security initiatives. Don’t underestimate the skills and experience you already have that could be beneficial in cyber security! We analyzed nearly 138,000 cyber security job postings to bring you the top skills real employers are looking for.

cyber security job responsibilities

Pretty much all cybersecurity positions are well-paid, so it will be just a matter of personal preference what you decide to pursue. If you have enough expertise, good connections, and are keen on entering the entrepreneurial world, you might consider becoming a systems security consultant. They are independent contractors who offer their knowledge and advice to various organizations about their network security. At a cross-section between law enforcement and cybersecurity lies the title of an information security crime investigator or a computer forensics expert.

Cyber Security Job Description: What to Expect Working in the Field

The best performing cyber security job descriptions inform future specialists about flexible hours, the ability to work from home, or other telecommuting opportunities. And they highlight unique benefits, like conference sponsorships, continuing education credits, or paid time off. The field of cybersecurity tends to offer good salaries and job security, making it an attractive career option for many individuals.

cyber security job responsibilities

Defining these responsibilities across different roles ensures the right staff is in place to know what to do in the event of a cyberattack. This program was designed in collaboration with national intelligence organizations cybersecurity specialist courses and IT industry leaders, ensuring you’ll learn emerging technologies and best practices in security governance. No organization is immune to cybercrime, meaning that all need to make IT security a top priority.

Tips to Become a Cybersecurity Engineer

It covers security operations, incident response and management, vulnerability management and reporting and communication. The role of a cybersecurity specialist is usually considered an entry-level job. When you’re first starting out in the IT security career, there is a high chance you will find employment in this position. However, there is a wide variety of other positions a specialist can advance to as they continue learning and honing their skills. The CISO is a leader and strategic thinker when it comes to developing and implementing cybersecurity programs at an organizational level.

cyber security job responsibilities

Automated and continuous patch management allows the business to install security patches and updates as soon as they become available. This keeps the company’s systems continuously updated with patches for known security threats. A steering committee typically encompasses professionals from different departments. Committee members analyze cybersecurity policies, procedures, and their impact and explore ways to enhance the company’s security posture. C-suite executives have the final say on a company’s cybersecurity strategy. They review security data and reports, analyze cyber risk, and make the decisions that determine cybersecurity initiatives and budgeting.

They are thoroughly involved in cybersecurity design, budget, planning and other decision-making activities. Network security engineers work with testing and analysis teams to extract useful networking data, analyze it for security performance and plan for security improvements. Penetration testers, aka pen testers, are responsible for testing the security performance of defense systems against possible cyber-attack threats. They infiltrate the IT network by exploiting vulnerabilities and exploits in the technology, as well as potential security lapses by internal users. Cyber security is all about protecting data—but why is data such a big deal? It includes everything from important financial information to personal medical histories to the type of cat food customers buy.

cyber security job responsibilities

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