Daun setawar padang

30th JUNE 09:DAUN SETAWAR PADANG (Rana kali)
Children to adults of all ages are prone to suffer from boils which can develop in any part of the external body. Boils are normally formed when one’s glands or enzyme are not functioning properly. When this happens, toxins will start to accumulate and leads to formation of boils. Boils can also be formed when the blood is dirty.
Women normally develop boils on their breast. To cure this problem easily, cover 5 to 6 leaves over the boil and support the leaves by wearing a bra before you go to sleep. The leaves have the property to absorb the itchiness and pain caused by the boil. Use the leaves continuously for 3 days to see noticeable effect.
If your legs are painful or swollen, wrap the swollen area with the leaves. Dirty blood trapped inside the swollen area will be absorbed out and the pain will disappear.
If your child is suffering from a fever due to extreme heat, pound and boil the leaves.Serve the boiled herbal water to your child. The water not only cools the body but also reduces fever.

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