dried avaram poo

Dried Avaram Senna flowers are best to be prescribed as tea. When boiling the tea, add dried ginger, coriander leaves and cardamom pods. This beverage is a good substitute for tea and coffee.
Dried Avaram Senna flowers are good in producing blood and increases blood flow.Avaram flowers, leaves, root, bark and gum have its own medicinal values and very beneficial if you can plant this tree in your home. The leaves are effective in warding off any insects and can also be used to create smoke while burning incense.
Dried avaram flowers are effective to cure bad body odour. Grind turmeric ( Kasturi Manjal), white turmeric ( poolan kilangu), dried avaram flowers, dried mung beans and chana dal into powder form.Make a paste and apply on your body and leave it to soak for 10 minutes. Apply regularly and you will notice your skin color will brighten slightly and bad body odour will be cured. In conclusion, avaram flower is the medicine to remove bad body odour.

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