Drum stick முருங்கை கீரை

10th FEB 09: DRUMSTICK LEAVES (Murangakeerai)Drumstick trees are easily grown in hot climate countries. Its root, flower, bark, fruit and leaves have loads of nutritional value. HOW TO COOK DRUMSTICK LEAVES? a) Fry the vegetable with grated coconut. b) Or include the leaves when preparing ��Sambar�� or ��Tanni Saar��. If your child has developed lots of phlegm in the chest, you can cure the condition by giving 1 tablespoon of extracted drumstick leave juice with a pinch of salt. Your child will vomit out the excess phlegm trapped in the lungs area. The leaves are also good in curing chronic constipation. It is also beneficial for diabetic patients as it is rich in iron. For iron supplement, boil a handful of drumstick leaves and drink the boiled water everyday. By eating the drumstick leaves, it will help prevent formation of body hair and contributes skin glow. The leaves are also rich with Vitamin A& D. Women, who find hard to conceive, are advised to soak drumstick flowers in milk. Boil the milk and flower together, remove the flower and drink the milk. Effective results can be seen as the flower provides nutrients to woman reproductive organs.

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