edible stemmed vine பிரண்டை

19th FEB 09: EDIBLE STEMMED VINE (Perandai)Edible Vine is very easy to grow and you can plant them in your house around the fence area. All it needs is daily watering. In Siddha medicine, edible vine is regarded as a fresh herb and effective in removing phlegm from the body. Edible Vine got its Tamil name, ��perandai�� based on its medicinal effects it gives to humans. Edible Vine also helps cure wounds easily. Take the leaves and slaked lime (sunambu) and pound both ingredients. Apply the pounded mixture and wrap the affected area. The wound will heal within 3 days. This mixture can also be applied to big open wounds.


Fry the leaves with cumin seeds, garlic, onion and grated coconut with a little oil. Grind the fried ingredients to a thick paste. If your child has developed lots of phlegm, a) Fry the leaves with a little oil b) and extract the juice. Give your child, 1 tablespoon of the extracted juice. The juice will be thick and slimy. When the juice is consumed, your child will feel irritation in the throat. Make sure your child swallows a pinch of salt to remove the throat irritation. This remedy forces down the excess thick and stubborn yellow phlegm and removed through bowel motion. Since the vine plant is very easy to grow, you can grow this plant in your house and obtain the medicinal values from the leaves.

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