Toddlers when they start to walk, they tend to fall and have bruises. If they fall on their head, it can cause internal damage to the head. The fall or internal injury can lead to epilepsy.
Epilepsy can also be caused by a) Severe constipation b) Excess phlegm c) High feverd) Lack of iron
Epilepsy is related to nerves. Nutrition has to be given to nerves which are related to brains. Epilepsy patients need to be massaged from head to toe using various types of oilment to strengthen the muscles.
Young children who have bowel movement once in every four to five days will suffer from excess heat in the body. This will lead to high fever and can end up with epilepsy. Therefore it is advised to get treatment in curing constipation. When the feaces are released, excess phlegm will also be removed and this will reduce and cures the occurrence of epilepsy attacks.

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