Some pregnant women have the wrong perception of the need to eat more and consume more nutrients during their pregnancy period. In order to gain more nutrients, they tend to purchase various types of vitamin supplements.

However we have to have the awareness that not all types of vitamins are suitable to be consumed as it could create harmful effect to the child.
For example: If vitamin A were to be taken excessively, it can cause harm to your baby’s heart and nerve system. Therefore before consuming any type of vitamin capsules, make sure you consult your physician.

Types of vitamin which are important for a pregnant woman to consume are calcium, folic acid and iron. There also types of food which a pregnant woman should not consume.

Types of food which should be avoided are

a) half boiled eggs, half cooked fish, chicken or red meat.
This is because live micro organism could exist in these food and can harm the
infant. Therefore make sure the foods you eat are properly cooked.

b) Unclean Fruits and Salads.
Make sure fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed and cleaned before

c) Unpasteurized cheese
Pregnant women should consume pasteurised cheeses only. Blue vein cheese and
fermented cheeses should be avoided.

d) Unpasteurized Milk
It is important for unpasteurized milk, i.e. cow’s milk is boiled to its boiling point
before consuming.

e) Processed Food and Junk Food should be avoided as we will not know
the types of colouring agent used in processing the food.

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