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Many old people who are 65 years and above suffer from malnourishment as they believe that they should eat less due to their old age. This is a wrong thinking as old people must consume lots of protein food, i.e. chicken, fish etc.

Some old people have various types of sickness and perceive they should only eat porridge, bread and biscuits in small quantity. This notion is wrong as they will not gain/obtain sufficient nutrients. Due to lack of nutrients, the body’s immune system will become low, decreases strength and leads to more diseases like pneumonia, flu etc.

Some old people do not have strong teeth and tend to eat soft food. They will stop eating rice, noodles, vegetables and fruits. If they unable to bite and chew food, it is best to mash vegetables and blend fruits for them to consume. Treat them like babies and do not omit from giving them nutritional food.

Old people require calcium. Milk is rich in calcium and has various nutritional values, i.e. protein, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex. If you were to have high cholesterol, drink milk which has low fat content. Make sure you consult a dietician before consuming any type of food.

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