Gastric Pain

12th MAY 09: GASTRIC
Gastric problems can be caused by
a) Improper food intake
b) Too much hot and spicy food.
Acid from spicy food stimulates the increase of stomach juice.
c) Intake of various types of medicines.

When gastric attacks, the patient normally suffers from stomach pain and excess gas will start accumulating in the stomach. The stomach gas will then lead to headaches. When this situation happens, one will not be able to identify the root cause of the problem and end up taking pain killers which will aggravate the gastric problem.

Make sure you take precautions to heal gastric at early stages as chronic gastric problems leads to stomach wounds or ulcers. You should take precautions by avoiding sour food and forbid yourself from eating bird’s eye chilies. The acid from the sour food will stimulate the gastric glands to increase the secretion of stomach juice. Therefore to heal gastric problems, make sure you eat various types of alkaline food as it has the properties to stabilize the stomach acid’s pH level.

If you are suffering from gastric pain:
a) Beat and drink white egg only or
b) Drink watermelon juice as the juice helps cool the stomach and cures gastric pain or
c) Try prescribing siddha medicine as there is medicine to cure gastric problem permanently

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