Health is very important to lead a happy life. However we tend to spoil our health by leading a wrong lifestyle which causes or leads to various types of sickness or diseases.

Headaches, stomach pain, gas problems, hand, leg and joint pains are some of the sickness you will suffer if your have a poor health. If you have excess toxins in the body, you will also experience similar problems. When you experience these symptoms, boil suitable leaves and herbs and consume the herbal drink to remove the excess toxins from your body.If you frequently catch a cold, accumulation of phlegm in the chest area will increase, thus creating difficulty in breathing. Therefore you need to take proper care and medicines to cure this problem as phlegm is toxic.

To prevent your children from frequent cold and running nose, practice oil bath as this prevents heatiness which leads to cold and accumulation of phlegm. Also during oil bath, excess phlegm will flow down to your nasal area and make sure you force the excess phlegm out by blowing your nose.

In Siddha medicine, there are various types of medicated herbal oils (tailam) to be applied on the chest, leaves and herbal medicines to be consumed which helps reduce excess body heat. When proper care is taken from tender age, asthma, cold and flu can be prevented. Hence children will lead a healthy life and their growth will not be hindered.

Instead of giving carbonated drinks to your children which increases body heat, boil dried flower and dried herbal leaves as serve as tea. Licorice (nanari) root can also be boiled and served as a drink. The herbal drink has the properties to cool down the body.

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