When pitta predominates in the body, palms will be itchy and soles will have a burning sensation. To cure the itchiness and burning sensation, pound henna leaves with either slaked lime (sunambu) or lime juice. Apply on your finger tips, palms and soles.
The root of henna tree are said to have properties to cure cancer. Pound the roots, boil and consume the concoction. It helps to clear/clean dirty blood. The roots have antiseptic properties whereby it kills and clears free radicals in the blood.
If your throat is painful, swollen or have developed a wound in the mouth, boil the leaves and gargle the concoction. You can also consume the boiled concoction. Since it has antiseptic properties, it cures mouth wounds very easily.
Damaged nails are difficult to be healed or cured. New nails will never grow until the damaged nails are healed. Henna leaves are the only cure to heal damaged nails Grind the leaves into a paste and apply on the damaged nails until you see noticeable effect.

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