hibiscus flower செம்பரத்தை பூ

25th FEB 09: HIBISCUS FLOWERHibiscus flower is our national flower and hibiscus tress are easily found along the roads and residential areas. Instead of using it for flower decoration and during payers, you can also eat it as it has loads of nutrients. Hibiscus flower has more than 200 different varieties and has a wide range of colors i.e. dark red, light red, yellow, white, pink and many more. Separate the petals from 500 hibiscus flowers. Soak the petals with lime juice until it turns into a leyham. (Leigiyam). Eat it everyday. OR Boil the petals from 100 to 200 red hibiscus flowers in 1- 2 liters of water. Boil until the water turns red. Remove the petals and set aside until it cools. Once cool, add lime juice. The water will change its color into blood red. Natural foods or drinks which are red in color have high iron content and by drinking this remedy will help build hemoglobin. Elderly people who have a weak heart or have recovered from a long and major sickness can treat this remedy as a tonic. Drink this tonic 1 tablespoon a day. You can add sugar if you want to but diabetic patients are strictly forbidden to add sugar. Hand grind the hibiscus leaves or blend the leaves with a little water in an electric grinder. When you have oil bath, substitute shampoo with the grinded leaves. Apply it on your hair, massage and leave it to soak for a while before bathing. It helps remove dandruff and promotes hair growth. Therefore use the leaves and flowers to gain the medicinal values of hibiscus

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