HOARY BASILl (Thirunetri Pachalai)

4th MAY 09: HOARY BASILl (Thirunetri Pachalai)
In Siddha Medicine, hoary basil leaves are used to cure young children who are suffering from excess phlegm. Take 2 to 3 leaves, each from hoary basil, holy basil (tulasi) and Coleus aromaticus (Karpooravalli). Pound the 3 types of leaves and extract the juice. Prescribe a teaspoon of the extracted herbal juice to your toddler if he or she is suffering from excess phlegm in the chest area. The herbal juice has the power to dissolve and remove the phlegm.

The leaves are fragrant and are used by Thailanese for bathing. Tamils normally boil the leaves and are prescribed to newly delivered women for bathing purposes.

If you are suffering from hand, leg, joint pains or suffering from rheumatism or arthritis, boil the leaves with other herbal leaves and pour on the affected areas. Also make sure you drink a glass of the boiled herbal water to get the full effect.

If you have a normal headache, head heaviness or sinus headaches, pound the leaves into a paste and apply on your forehead. Headaches will be cured.

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