horse gram கொள்ளு

13th JAN 09: HORSE GRAM (Kollu)A popular ingredient among Indians to lose weight! Ancient Tamil Tradition has been using Horse Gram as the main ingredient to prepare ��Rasam��. You do not have to eat Horse Gram when you are planning to lose weight. You can add Horse Gram in your everyday diet by preparing ��Rasam�� and consuming it as part of your meal at least 2-3 times a week. HOW TO PREPARE HORSE GRAM RASAM? Cumin Seeds Black Pepper Garlic Onion Curry leaves – optional 2 Dried chilies 1 thumb size turmericPound all these ingredients and add a handful of Horse gram and boil it to prepare Rasam. There are many types of Rasam, i.e. Mint Rasam, Asiatic Pennywort (Vallarai) Rasam and Coriander Rasam. Any type of ��Rasam�� can reduce pitta in one��s body. Excess Pitta will lead to high blood pressure and it is good to consume ��Rasam�� to avoid excessive pitta in the body. Horse Gram is also very good and effective in burning fat. Horse Gram is normally used as the main food for horses. It gives tremendous strength and prevents horses from getting fat. Therefore Horse Gram is very effective in a) providing strength to the human body b) and helps to burn body fat. You can also boil a handful of Horse Gram or eat it as it is every day. You can also combine Horse Gram with Moong Dhal or any other dhal. Soak it and eat it raw everyday. By eating this way, it not only helps to increase one��s immune system but also helps children grow and maintain a healthy body. TIPS: a) To maintain a healthy body, you must include various grains/lentils in your diet. b) Do not take oily food/meat/chicken for breakfast.

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