Indian acalypha குப்பைமேனி

26th FEB 09: INDIAN ACALYPHA (Kuppameni)Indian Acalypha can be treated as a fresh herb or a vegetable. It grows every easily in rubbish or garbage areas and Indian Acalypha got its Tamil name, ��Kuppameni�� based on its growing place. Whenever a cat is sick, it will search for Indian Acalypha as it helps cure the cat from any types of sickness. You can also use Indian Acalypha to treat piles. a) Fry 4- 5 leaves of Indian Acalypha with castor oil and eat it as a medicine OR b) You can also fry the leaves with castor oil and wrap it around your anus. By doing this, small boils in the anus will dry and drop off. Kuppa Meni is usually cooked together with other vegetable and it is called ��Kalapu Keerai��. If you were to cook and eat this vegetable often and on its own, you will purge frequently. Therefore to avoid purging, add the leaves with other vegetables like ��Kasalangkani��, ��Kuppa Keerai�� and ��Pasalai Keerai��, when you are planning to cook this vegetable to your family members.

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