Indian goosberry நெல்லிக்காய்

5th FEB 09: INDIAN GOOSEBERRIES (Nellikai)There are two types of gooseberries. The first type of fruit is very sour and the size of the fruit is small. The fruit is light green and has few medicinal values. This type of fruit is normally included while preparing fish curry or ��puli�� curry. The second type of fruit is the actual Indian Gooseberry. The leaves are similar to agathi leaves (agathi keerai) and should have white vertical lines on it. This type of fruit is very hard to obtain. If you can find fresh Indian Gooseberry, pound it and extract the juice. Add honey as the Indian Gooseberry juice is very sour and should be consumed by diabetic patients.According to Siddha medicine, diabetic patients will see vast improvements if they were to consume Indian Gooseberry juice, 1 tablespoon a druitay. Dried Indian Gooseberry is easier to be obtained. To cure constipation, a) Soak dried gooseberries in water and boil it. b) remove the dried fruit and drink the water only. Constipation is very common problem and is the cause of many types of diseases. If waste is not removed from the body, it will turn toxic and will cause bacteria infection. This will then lead to various types of skin and internal body diseases.

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