ivy gourd leaves கோவை கீரை

10th MARCH 09: IVY GOURD LEAVES (Kovai Keerai)

Ivy gourd leaves cannot be obtained from the market and are very effective in treating excessive heat in the anus are. If your have the plant growing around your house area, try to add the leaves in your diet. Cook it like you are cooking Indian spinach (pasalai keerai) or add the leaves when preparing any types of soup.

The leaves are effective in healing boils in the anal canal.
a) Apply a few drops of castor oil and gently heat the oiled leaves.
b) Place the leaves below the anus.

The leaves will kill the bacteria and transforms it to pus. The boils will heal once the pus matures and oozes out voluntarily. Since the vegetable is a cooling food, try to eat this vegetable once a week. You will be free of piles problems. The vegetable will ease bowel motion and helps cool the body.

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