Jasmine flower மல்லிகை பூ

4th FEB 09: JASMINE FLOWER (Malligai)Jasmine flowers are commonly used in weddings, prayers and happy occasions. Many Indian women wear garlands of jasmine flowers in their hair and it has the power to attract men’s attention by its strong fragrance. Jasmine flowers are used a) in aromatherapy. The flowers are soaked in the water before treatment. b) in making perfumes and ��Panir�� (Jasmine Water). Perfumes when used bring fragrance to the body and panir when used in cooking brings aroma to the food. Women who experience breast hardening after delivery can use jasmine flower to cure the condition effectively. Breast hardening normally happens 4 to 5 days after delivery. a) Make sure the jasmine flower is fresh and do not refrigerate it. b) Make sure that your bra is loose. c) Take 1 �C 2 handful of jasmine flower and cover your breasts with the flowers. d) Make sure your breasts are fully covered with the flowers. You can feel the difference whereby experience lesser pain within a day. Continuously cover your breasts with fresh jasmine flowers for four days to cure breast hardening problem. TIP: Do not wear bra when sleeping as it will press your lungs and chest. This pressure will block the intake and distribution of air to the body. Jasmine flowers are also used to relieve blood cloth. Take a handful of jasmine flower and wrap the flowers around the affected area with a soft cloth. You can also have jasmine flower bath once a week. Include jasmine, rose and other fragrant flowers into your bath tub, soak the flowers and bathe. By growing jasmine flowers in your house garden, it also helps clear negative vibrations and help create positive vibration/aura in your home.

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