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lentils பருப்பு வகை

12th JAN 09: LENTILS (Paruppu)Australian Dhal, if consumed, produces lots of gas. Those who has a Pitta body or has gas problems should avoid eating Australian dhal.Other lentils, i.e. Thuvar Dhal, Malawi Dhal, Mysore Dhal and Moong Dhal have loads of nutrients and its own medicinal values. a) Thuvar Dhal (Thuvarum Paruppu)When boiling Thuvar Dhal, add garlic, ginger and asafetida/hing as all these ingredients remove gas. Thuvar Dhal helps young children become strong as it is rich in protein. b) Moong Dhal (Pasi Payuru) Those who has a pitta body or has gas problems should include/increase this dhal in their diet. This is because person with a pitta body will experience stomach bloatness and gastric if they were to eat Thuvar Dhal. To avoid this, they can eat Moong Dhal which is free from any bad effects. This dhal helps cool the body, improve eyesight and reduces pitta.It is also good to drink the water which is used to boil the Moong Dhal. Lentils are also grains and grains are rich in vitamin E. Oil extracted from any nuts or grains are rich in Vitamin E and it is good in preventing rashes and itchiness, neutralizes skin tone and smoothen skin texture. Instead of buying vitamin E, you can consume it by eating any types of grains every day.

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