mango மாம்பழம்

9th FEB 09: MANGOAlfonso, Neelum, Mulgoa and Bangalora are some of the different varieties of mangoes that are available in the market today. There are more than 1000 different varieties of mangoes and each of it can be differentiated by its shape and taste. Bangalora mangoes or ��Kili Mukku�� mangoes are very fleshy and have a flat seed. Blend the mango flesh and consume it as a juice. Fresh bangalora mango juice is rich in Vitamin A, B and B2. It is said that bangalora or ��Kili Mukku�� mangoes, if consumed in small quantity everyday can cure a weak heart.Blend mango flesh and add honey. Drink this juice in the morning on an empty stomach. This practice will help increase the strength of hands and legs and cures tremors in hands and legs. Drinking fresh mango juice or by eating the fruit, ½ hour after your meal, will help increase digestion, cure constipation and ease motion. Mangoes are rich in carotene and iron which contributes to blood building capability. Young mangoes are very suitable to make ��kuutu��. Dry the young mangoes before making ��kuutu��. This will help prevent constipation and increase appetite.In Andra Province (India), young mango flesh and sugar are added to make pickles. In Philippines and Java province, mango leaves are treated as a vegetable. The leaves are rich in astringent properties (Thuvarpu) and if consumed helps prevent constipation. You can include mango leaves when preparing ��Kalapu Keerai�� By adding the mango leaves, you not only add flavor but also consume more vitamins and minerals. Kalapu Keerai is a combination of 5 leaves, i.e. ��Ponnanganni��, ��Kasalangkani��,��Kuppai Keerai��, ��Kuppai Meni�� and Pasalai Keerai��. All these leaves are cooked together to prepare a dish.

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