26th MARCH: NONI (Mengkudu)

This plant is originated from Queensland, Australia and grows very well in our country’s soil. This plant is currently being cultivated largely in rural areas.Noni leaves and its fruit were used by Hawaiian natives over 2,000 years ago. Noni fruit is known as “Hawaiian Magical Fruit” and the herbal plant has been an integral part of ancient Hawaiian folk medicine.

In Siddha medicine, noni leaves are boiled and the boiled water is used for bathing mainly by newly delivered women. The boiled water can also be used to heal wound and skin rashes. Its roots are also grinded to treat arthritis and gout patients.Arthritis is caused by gas trapped in the joints. To remove the gas, noni leaves and its root are very effective in removing the trapped gas from the joints which can cause extreme pain and suffering.

Javanese use over – ripe noni fruit to make shampoo as they believe it is good for the hair and helps remove dirt from the hair. Mash the ripe fruit with water. Instead of wetting a cloth in ice water, wet the cloth in the fruit mixture and place it on your child’s forehead when they are suffering from a high fever. The fruit liquid is effective in curing headaches, heaviness of head and reduce fever. Noni fruit is rich in vitamin C and beneficial in increasing blood flow and helps regulate menstrual flow.

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