Morning sickness


Morning Sickness is very common among women who are from her first to third month of pregnancy. Morning sickness could be due to hormonal changes or the type of food that is consumed.

Those who suffer from morning sickness or nausea are advised to eat small frequent meals. By eating this way, morning sickness will be greatly reduced.Vomiting could also be due to absence of taking food for a long time. To avoid or reduce the occurrence of morning sickness, pregnant women are advised to eat a light snack before sleeping, i.e. sandwich, a glass of milk or biscuits.

Some pregnant women may experience stomach bloatness or heart burn after eating. This is due to the pressure of the baby against the stomach which causes acidity and a feeling of indigestion. Do not sit after eating. Walk or move around and heart burn will be reduced. By consuming mint tea or mint sweets occasionally will help relieve the gastric or indigestion problem. If there is too much pain or extreme discomfort, it is best to consult your physician.

Leg cramps are also common among pregnant women. It could be due to lack of calcium. However to identify the actual reason or cause, you should consult your physician

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