nut gall masikai மாசிக்காய்

20th FEB 09: NUT GALL (Maasikai)Nut Galls are formed by insects. The galls are round in shape and hangs on tree branches as fruits. It is good to use nut galls when the insect is still in the fruit .This is because fruits with insect in it has more medicinal values. Babies usually have white coating (milk residue) on their tongue. By removing the white coating or dirt with hand can injure the baby’s tongue. TO CLEAN BABY’s TONGUE: a) Grate or scrape nut gall and add gingerly oil. Apply this mixture on the tongue with a napkin. All the dirt will be removed easily. Nut galls are effective in increasing appetite and also has high astringent properties (Thuvarpu). Nut galls are also good in tightening vagina muscles. Women whose vagina muscles are weak and widened, especially women who have just gone through childbirth can have this problem solved by using nut galls. To strengthen or to tighten vagina muscles: a) Boiled the powdered nut gall with water.b) For fragrance, add nanari root and boil all the ingredients together.c) Set aside to cool. Once cool, treat the water as a cleanser and clean and wash your private part. If used frequently, vagina muscles will become stronger and tighter. Nut Gall powder is also good to apply on skin when there is itchiness. Boil ¼ teaspoon of powdered nut gall with a glass of water. By drinking this water, it will heal any wounds or ulcer in the body. When you have stress ulcer, your tongue will have ulcers all over. To cure the ulcers, boil nut gall and consume the boiled water everyday. Stress ulcer happens when you are too tensed, stressed up or pressured over certain matters.

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