OBESITY AND KIDS ,குழந்தை பருமன்


It is common for children to suffer from excess weight. Children who are obese have great tendency to suffer from hypertension and sugar related problems.

There are many causes for a child to suffer from obesity.
a) Medical reasons
b) The types of food they eat and
c) lack of physical activity

If your child is overweight, make sure you avoid feeding them with high calorie and sugary foods. You should also consult a physician or dietician if your child is overweight.To resolve your child’s weight problem, make sure you do not introduce a weight reduction diet to your child immediately. This is because your child requires and needs sufficient nutrients for development.

An adult will not suffer from any effects if he/she were to reduce their weight and significantly reduces their calorie intake and protein foods. But when a child reduces their food intake, it will greatly affect the child’s development process.Besides food control, an overweight child should perform lots of physical activity. Instead of watching TV and playing video games, it is best to accompany your child to a park.

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