oil bath,எண்ணெய் குளியல்.


We should and must take oil bath once a week and not have oil bath once a year, i.e. during Deepavali! Gingly oil is obtained from sesame seeds (Ella) and coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk. These two oils are the common oils which are used to apply on the head and body and have been practiced from years of yore.


Tear two betel leaves, pound 1 thumb- sized turmeric and 2 cloves of garlic and add all the ingredients into the oil.

You can apply this oil mixture on your children when they are having a cold. By having oil bath once a week, it will prevent your children from getting frequent colds. When your child is suffering from a cold and has developed lots of phlegm, heat the oil and massage your child��s head, forehead and the whole face. You can also pour a drop of oil into their ears and eyes. Applying oil into the eyes can be done once a week or once a month. By applying oil into the eyes, it will help loosen the hardened phlegm trapped in the nose and throat and the oil will help push the phlegm out either through the nose or throat. By applying oil into the ears, it will provide lubrication and help soften the veins around the ear-neck area.

In aromatherapy, cinnamon and cloves are added into the oil for fragrance and is used for massaging the body. You can also add these herbs or any other fragrant herbs and use it for your children.

Coconut oil cannot be used for sinus patients. Those who have a heaty body should use gingerly oil. It is best if you could add betel leaves, turmeric and garlic into the gingerly oil as it produces good results to sinus patients. Therefore practice oil bath every week and if possible make oil bathing a family ritual.

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