pomegranate மாதுளம்

16th FEB 09: POMEGRANATE (Maathalam)This fruit is very easy to be obtained in the wet market and hyper supermarkets and an effective aid in improving digestion. The seeds are used to make balms for headaches and medicines to cure cancer. When eating any types of fruit, do not throw the seeds away. If possible, try to eat the seeds as it is rich in vitamin E. Pomegranate seeds have the capability to fight and kill cancer cells. The tree also gives good positive aura to the environment. Pound the pomegranate skin and extract the juice. By consuming the pomegranate skin juice, it can cure or control heavy menstrual bleeding. Pomegranate skin is rich in astringent properties (Thuvarpu). Astringent foods are rich in Vitamin K. Women who are Vitamin K insufficient will experience extremely heavy menstrual bleeding as the body lacks the capability to cloth the blood. If you find it hard to drink the juice of the skin, then you can boil the skin and drink the water. This method can also solve heavy bleeding. Pomegranate has sweet, sour and astringent taste. Foods which have the combination of these three tastes, i.e. sweet, sour and astringent are effective in increasing blood flow. Therefore try to eat this fruit 1-2 times a week to stay healthy.

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