Poolang kilangku

14th AUGUST 09: WHITE TURMERIC (poolan kilangu)
Different culture use white turmeric in different ways.
Chinese tradition boils white turmeric to gargle their mouth. The boiled turmeric water helps remove bacteria, infection and cures teeth related problems.
Malays use white turmeric leaves (cekur in BM) to treat women who are in confinement period.a) Ashes from the dried burnt leave are applied to treat swollen breast.b) Boiled white turmeric leave water is consumed to help i) clean stomach and blood ii) clear remaining dirt from the body
In Indian Tradition, white turmeric is powdered and used a fragrant agent while preparing oilment. The herb also helpsa) promote hair growthb) bring glow to the skin. When grinded together with turmeric, it acts as an antiseptic body scrub.c) cure dandruff. Apply boiled white turmeric powder on scalp for a few minutes before washing the hair.

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