Indian Tradition believes in the concept of evil eye and there are many remedies and rituals to cure and help remove evil eye.
Some of the many methods are:a) by having “black pottu” on baby’s cheekb) hanging a white pumpkin outside a new house to ward off evil and bad negative energy into the house.
It is also believed that evil eye could also be the reason for couples or family members to have constant misunderstandings and fights. To help clear the bad eye, white pumpkin should be hung outside the house. When the pumpkin becomes dry and black, replace the pumpkin on an auspicious day and time.
Besides warding off bad negative energy, the vegetable also has many medicinal values. It contains lots of water and the properties in the vegetable help clean and clear dirt from the kidneys. It also aids in regulating the excretion of water through urination

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