Raja ulam

Ulam Raja leaves are eaten raw and are used in Malay cuisine. The leaves are used for ulam, a type of Malay salad.

The leaves have properties in
a) increasing digestion
b) removing excess gas from the body and
c) help increase body strength

The leaves cannot be cooked or juiced up. It has to be eaten raw. Our body is dominated by vata, pitta and kappa.
a) If pitta predominates, consume boiled cumin and coriander leaves water to stabilize the condition.
b) If vata predominates, consume raja ulam leaves to release the excess gas.
c) If kappa predominates, consume “thuthuvalai” leaves or “karpooravalli” leaves to remove the excess phlegm from the body

To have a healthy body and free of any sickness and diseases, we need to keep the three dosa’s in balance

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