2nd APRIL 09:DAUN SETAWAR(Ranakali)

Chikungunya is a very dangerous disease which is caused by mosquito. In India, enzyme from the leaves is taken to cure the life threatening disease. The thicker the leaves, the more toxic water it removes from the body.When there are excess toxins in the body, boils or growth will form on our skin. Instead of going for an operation to remove the growth, use rana kali leaves which can effectively remove the growth without any pain and fuss.

a) Place the leaves at the area where you have the growth.

b) The bacteria and toxic poison will be released and the growth will be removed by itself.

Improper cleanliness or excess toxins in the body can also cause growth or boils under the armpit. To remove the growth, place 2 leaves under your armpit and amazing results can be seen after 3 days.

If your child is suffering from fever due to body heatiness:

a) Crush the leaves in water with your hands.

b) Wet a small cloth in the water and place it on your child��s forehead, shoulders and chest.
The leave gives a cooling effect and helps reduces fever.

If you purging or having a stomach upset:

a) Pound the turmeric into powder form

b) Grind the leaves

c) Add both ingredients and wrap the solution around your hips. It will heal purging and also removes stomach pain.

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